Kids: July 5, 2017


Kids: July 5, 2017

We first posted this picture 8 years ago to commemorate our first year of CrossFit Kids at CrossFit Agoge. One this Day in 2007, we officially became a CrossFit Affiliate. Less than one year later, we added CrossFit Kids. We are so very proud of all the kids and teens who have worked with us over the years. Today we celebrate you!

Warm up:

Steve Says:  Set up a circle of cones in the middle of the room and kids start the game by running around the cones.  At the call “FREEZE!”, everyone stops and then a location and movement are called out.  The kids go to that location in the room and perform the stated repetitions of the movement.  When they are done they resume running around the cones. Repeat as desired.

Skill work:

Mobile plank: Athlete gets in the plank position with their hands shoulder width apart on a light barbell resting one the floor.  Trainers lift the barbell up and move it to different elevations while the athlete maintains the plank position throughout.  More advanced athletes might even be moved past upright into a partially suspended position.


AMRAP in a given amount of time of

3 Sit ups

6 Box jumps

9 Presses


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