Pre-K: March 27, 2018


Pre-K: March 27, 2018

Skill work:

Heel Balance Drill: Standing with toes hanging off a plate, superglue your heels to the plate and perform an Angry Gorilla.  Try to keep toes off the ground!  

Warm up:

Musical Med Ball: Remember that its okay to have a med ball for each child and not take any away between rounds if that will be more fun for your crew


In teams of 2-3, AMRAP in a given amount of time of the following, relay-style

1 Angry Gorilla -> Bear crawl to a cone and back -> High 5 your partner

1 Angry Gorilla -> Bunny hop to a cone and back -> High 5 your partner

Keep changing the movements (including the Angry Gorilla if needed) and be creative!


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